Fox Park Apartments

Move In Information

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Contact information

  • Share your apartment phone number and email address with the office.
  • Call the office with your apartment phone number when you have it installed.

Move-in punch list

  • Use the list to give us a picture of your apartment.  If it was broken or damaged when you moved in, it goes on the list.
  • If you find something amiss with the plumbing or electrical, call right away.  Return the completed list within 7 days.

Parking is free at FPA

  • All resident’s vehicles MUST be registered with the office.
  • Your parking sticker goes in the upper left corner of the rear window.
  • If you change cars, contact the office to leave a message so it does not get towed in the morning.
  • Additional vehicles (totaling greater than the number of bedrooms) must be parked in the Winter Street lot.
  • The following situations/spots are subject to towing without notification; in front of the ‘Don’t Even Think of Parking Here’ or the ‘Reserved’ sign, in front of the dumpster, on any grass surface, either entrance to Fox Park Drive, double parking, in a handicapped spot, at the top of the Winter Street lot so that the driveway is constricted.

Visitor’s automobiles

  • There is parking available for visitor’s vehicles from Sunday through Thursday after 11 PM in the Winter Street parking lot. 
  • The responsibility for visitor’s illegal parking and subsequent towing falls on the shoulders of our residents.  You should pay attention to this to prevent the financial hardship and inconvenience to your visitors.

Maintenance Requests

  • During office hours, 8 AM to 4 PM, call 536-4027, to schedule your request.
  • Randy Lebreche (238-9021) is our Maintenance Supervisor. (  Contact him on weekends or after office hours if your request can not wait until tomorrow.

Quiet hours and handling neighbor’s noise

  • FPA should be quiet after 8 PM.  Please make every effort to meet your neighbors so you are familiar to them should you have to knock on their door to request quiet.
  • If your pleas for quiet are not respected, call Randy (238-9021).  This information is recorded for future reference.  Do not allow an inconsiderate neighbor to disturb your quiet time without using our system.
  • Should the problem persist, the Plymouth Police will respond to Randy’s request.
  • As with our parking requirements, you are responsible for your visitor’s behavior while at FPA.

Rent paid to:

  • Payment may be dropped off at FPA Office or mailed to: Fox Park Apartments  41 South Main Street  Derry, NH  03038.  Pegasus Management can be reached at 425-7800.
  • Season leases (school year) must be completely paid by February first.

Dumpster location and trash in the halls

  • Your trash must be placed in the dumpster, between Buildings One and Three.
  • Do not store bags of trash in the hall outside your apartment door or on your balcony.  The fine for our staff removing your trash from the hallway is $10 per bag.


  • Dogs, ferrets, rabbits, etc. are not allowed in your apartment.
  • As a result of unattended flames over our past history, candles are prohibited.
  • Grills of any kind are not allowed on balconies.  You may use the patio between Buildings Two and Four or your own grill on the grass behind your building.


  • Limited to 5 in a one bedroom and 8 in a two bedroom apartment.  Larger gatherings must be approved by the office.

Window treatments

  • If your apartment faces the parking lot or Langdon Street, your windows must be treated with curtains, blinds or left untreated.  Windows in apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors measure 48" x 68".  A pair of 34" vinyl blinds fill the glass.
  • Blankets, sheets, flags, etc., are not acceptable as window treatments.