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12 Month Leasing


Our twelve month leasing option allows a resident to buy out of the lease by purchasing the balance with one-quarter of the balance due or one month's rent, which ever is greater. 

 Two Bedrooms
 Balcony $875
 First floor
 2 Students
One Bedroom
 Balcony $695
 Back side $660
 First Floor
 2 students

From our lease, Section 2 ; RENT ....

In the event the Resident has signed a twelve month agreement, is not engaged in classes at Plymouth State University and desires to terminate said agreement prior to the end of the term, the Landlord agrees to allow the Resident to buy-back the remainder of the balance due the Landlord at the rate of one quarter of the unpaid balance of this lease, or one month's rent, which ever is greater.  Said payment to be made prior to or on the agreed upon move out date, unless the Landlord agrees to a payment schedule for the agreed to sum.  This early termination clause is not available to unrelated residents matriculating at PSU.